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We approach each executive search assignment with a consistent, time-tested, four-step process, derived from our experience recruiting Senior-Level Executives. This structured approach allows both our Clients and Candidates to know the process steps and the agreed timetable as well as to know exactly how far the assignment has progressed at any time during the process.

Because we take each assignment personally, we survey all final Candidates and our Client at the end of each assignment.

The results of the surveys will confirm that we are successful in searching for and finding the right-qualified Senior-Level Executives for our Clients. The results of our surveys will also confirm that we treat the Candidates respectfully, professionally whilst meeting their goals.



Our team documents all activity related to an executive search assignment. All information, regardless of importance, is accessible to the professionals working on the assignment. In conjunction with our structured approach and the creativity of our professionals, this facilitates seamless execution and assures total transparency.

Our team is the gateway for our Clients to consult their assignments status, to consult all documents related to their assignments and to talk to the responsible Consultant. For further information please email us.




We approach each executive search assignment with a consistent, time-tested, four-step process derived from our experience recruiting Senior-Level Candidates.

Step 1: Define Objectives, Specifications, Timetable

  •  Initial Client meeting
  • Understand Client’s business, culture and needs
  • Review and agree position’s scope, responsibilities, compensation package, reporting relationships and desired profile
  • Develop the Search Plan and Timetable
  • Review the Search Plan and agree start date 


Step 2: Identify, Assess Candidates, Provide Short List

  • Define target sources using internal database and external sources
  • Identify Candidates with industry knowledge
  • Screen and evaluate candidates including initial reference check
  • Select short-listed Candidates for interview by our Consultant
  • Prepare background profiles for Client including our evaluations
  • Review profiles with Client


Step 3: Interview and Recruitment

  • Assist Client-Candidate interview process
  • Complete reference checks on selected Candidates
  • Prepare detailed profiles including our evaluations
  • Conduct finalist interviews with Client
  • Finalist selection
  • Obtain feedback from Client and Candidates


Step 4: Follow-Up

  • Ensure smooth transition and assimilation for selected Candidate
  • Client and Candidates surveys
  • Obtain feedback from Client and Candidates

For further information on our services, please email us.


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